KBB – Cable clip

USE: For all construction materials in combination with the KTS 6 x 50 nail plug

Due to its low height, this KTS cable clip can even be used in the space between ceilings. Using a KTS 6 x 50 nail plug, you can knock the clip straight in, creating a flush cover at the same time. The flexibility of the clip enables individual cables to be manually put in place. The three clip sizes can be used for a maximum of 8, 10 and 16 cables respectively.

The cable clip is made of high quality polyamide (nylon).

Technical data KBB – Cable clip
KBB 8 – one-sided KBB 10 – double-sided KBB 16 – double-sided
Article-No. 2021000008 2021000010 2021000016
Packing unit Pieces 400 400 200
Weight per packing unit 3,1 kg. 4,0 kg. 3,4 kg.